Horse Feed Calculator

How Much Should I Feed My Horse?

Many horse owners are unaware that feeding practices can directly impact equine health. Over- or underfeeding can lead to conditions like obesity, malnutrition, and other nutrient-related disorders. Our Horse Feed Calculator is intricately designed to help you sidestep these common pitfalls, ensuring your horse maintains optimal health through proper nutrition.


We’re delighted to introduce you to the Animal Nutrition Calculator’s Horse Feed Calculator. This robust tool is specifically tailored for horses that are 5 years old and older. By inputting details such as your horse’s age, weight, and activity level, the calculator provides you with detailed caloric and protein intake recommendations. Our calculator is calibrated to support a 95:5 forage-to-concentrate ratio, widely accepted as beneficial for most horses based on digestive health and cost-efficiency. For alternative feeding practices, our Custom Feed Calculator can adjust the ratios to fit your unique feeding strategy.

Understanding the 95:5 Forage-to-Concentrate Ratio

Why adopt a 95:5 forage-to-concentrate ratio? This ratio is geared towards providing a balanced source of essential nutrients while also being energy-efficient. It’s particularly well-suited for most horses, although performance horses, lactating mares, and growing foals might benefit from a different ratio. For individualized guidance, it’s always best to consult a veterinarian. If you utilize a different forage-to-concentrate ratio check out the Custom Feed Calculator page.

Getting Started: What You’ll Need

To utilize our Horse Feed Calculator effectively, be prepared with:

  • The current weight of your horse (100-2200 lbs/ 45-1000 kg)
  • The age of your horse, if they are 5 years or older
  • The level of your horse’s daily activity (ranging from sedentary to highly active)
  • The types of forage your horse consumes
  • The kinds of concentrate feeds in your horse’s diet

Access The Horse Feed Calculator Here:

Development and Trustworthiness of Our Calculator

At the core of our Horse Feed Calculator lies a foundation built on current equine nutrition and scientific studies. Continuously refined with the latest findings, our tool is dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date and trustworthy nutritional advice.  Animal Nutrition Calculator serves as a vital instrument and information repository for responsible horse care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I do if I use a different forage-to-concentrate ratio?

Our Custom Feed Calculator is ideal for customizing to various feeding ratios and practices.

Can I use this calculator for horses under 5 years old? 

This particular calculator is optimized for horses 5 years of age and older. For horses aged 1 year to 5 years old use the Growing Horse Nutrition Calculator for horses younger than 1 year check out the Weanling Nutrition Calculator.

When should I reassess my horse’s nutritional requirements? 

We advise recalculating your horse’s needs following any major changes in weight, activity level, or age.


The Horse Feed Calculator is a guide designed to supplement, not substitute, professional veterinary advice. Consult with a veterinarian to tailor a diet that best supports your horse’s specific health needs.