Cat Kibble Toppers: Our Top 4 Favorites and Why

As doting cat parents, we understand the joy that comes from treating our feline companions to delicious and nutritious meals. In this exploration of feline culinary delights, let’s dive into our favorite cat kibble toppers that not only enhance the flavor but also provide essential health benefits. From pumpkin puree to fish oil, raw egg, and tuna, these delightful additions are sure to make your cat’s mealtime an unforgettable experience. CLICK HERE to watch our visual representation!

Why Top Their Kibble?

Cat kibble toppers are more than just a culinary indulgence; it’s a thoughtful way to enhance their overall nutritional intake and make mealtime an enriching experience. Many cats can be discerning eaters, and adding enticing toppers not only elevates the flavor profile but also encourages them to consume a more diverse range of nutrients. Pumpkin puree aids in digestion, fish oil contributes to a luxurious coat, raw egg provides essential proteins, and tuna offers a savory twist.

Beyond the sensory delight, these toppers address specific health needs, ensuring that your cat receives a well-rounded diet. The act of topping kibble can also be particularly beneficial for picky eaters, enticing them to explore a variety of textures and flavors. Ultimately, making the effort to top your cat’s kibble is a small yet impactful way to prioritize their health, happiness, and overall satisfaction at mealtime.

Our Favorite Cat Kibble Toppers:

Balancing Tuna Intake:

While tuna can be a feline favorite, it’s essential to be mindful of the potential negative aspects of overindulgence. Tuna intended for human consumption or commercial cat food often contains high levels of mercury, which, when consumed excessively, can lead to mercury poisoning in cats. To maintain a balanced diet, limit tuna treats and consider alternating with other protein sources. Offering a variety of kibble toppers ensures your cat receives a spectrum of nutrients without relying solely on tuna.

Always choose high-quality tuna specifically formulated for cats, or better yet, opt for fresh, cooked tuna to minimize potential health risks.


Elevating your cat’s kibble with these favorite cat kibble toppers not only adds excitement to mealtime but also contributes to their overall well-being. From the digestive support of pumpkin puree to the skin and joint benefits of fish oil, and the protein-packed goodness of raw egg, each addition serves a purpose in enhancing your cat’s health. Ultimately, a well-rounded and diverse diet ensures your feline friend receives the nutrients (macro and micro), as well as the proper hydration they need to thrive.

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Remember proportions matter!

Tailor the ingredients and quantities based on your animal’s specific needs, considering factors such as age, weight, activity level, and health condition.