Kibble Hydration: Elevating Your Cat's Food

A Kibble Hydration Revolution for Your Feline Friend!

As devoted cat enthusiasts, we understand the importance of not only providing a nutritionally balanced diet but also ensuring adequate hydration. In this guide, we’ll explore the art of elevating your cat’s dry kibble with simple hydration, turning mealtime into a refreshing and nourishing experience. Click here to watch our visual demonstration.

Why You Should Hydrate Your Cat’s Kibble

Hydrating kibble involves adding water based ingredients to dry pet food before feeding it to your pet. This practice can serve several purposes:

  1. Improved Digestion: Adding water to kibble can help improve digestion. The hydration process begins breaking down the dry food, making it easier for your pet’s digestive system to process. This can be particularly beneficial for pets with dental issues or older animals with reduced chewing ability.

  2. Increased Palatability: Some pets, especially those with dental problems or picky eaters, may find wet or hydrated food more palatable. The added moisture can enhance the aroma and taste of the food, making it more appealing to pets.

  3. Prevention of Dehydration: Hydrated food helps increase your pet’s water intake. This is especially important for pets that may not drink enough water on their own, promoting overall hydration and reducing the risk of urinary tract issues.

  4. Weight Management: Hydrated kibble can be beneficial for pets on a weight management program. The added water can create a sense of fullness, potentially reducing the amount of dry food consumed and helping control calorie intake.

  5. Senior Pets: Older pets may have difficulty chewing dry kibble, and hydration makes the food softer and easier to eat. This can be particularly helpful for senior pets with dental problems or reduced jaw strength.

  6. Medical Conditions: Some pets with specific health conditions, such as kidney issues or urinary tract problems, may benefit from a more hydrated diet. Consult with your veterinarian to determine if hydrating your pet’s kibble is suitable for their individual health needs.

Kibble Hydration Ingredients:

Bone Broth

Introduce a burst of flavor and nourishment to your cat’s diet with the addition of bone broth. This delightful choice not only adds moisture but is also rich in collagen, supporting joint health and promoting a lusciously shiny coat for your feline friend.

Goat Milk

Opt for a feline-friendly alternative to cow’s milk with the gentle and nutrient-packed goat milk. Known for being easy on the stomach, goat milk provides hydration along with essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to your cat’s overall well-being. Let your cat indulge in the goodness of this hydration powerhouse.


Undoubtedly, water is the elixir of life, and adequate hydration is crucial for your cat’s health. By adding water to their kibble, you ensure they stay well-hydrated, supporting kidney function and aiding in digestion. Elevate their dining experience by quenching their thirst with this simple yet essential addition.

Crafting the Perfect Hydration Blend

Remember, crafting the perfect hydration blend for your cat is an art, and proportions matter. Tailor the ingredients and quantities based on your cat’s specific needs, considering factors such as age, weight, activity level, and health condition. This ensures a personalized and hydrating experience for your beloved feline companion. Click here to use our Cat Nutrition Calculators today!

Embark on this culinary journey to elevate your cat’s dry kibble into a hydrating feast that not only pleases their palate but also contributes to their overall health and happiness. With this guide, you have the key to a delightful and health-conscious dining experience for your cherished cat!


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Remember proportions matter!

Tailor the ingredients and quantities based on your animal’s specific needs, considering factors such as age, weight, activity level, and health condition.